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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jesus Loves YOU

To have defects is not in itself bad.  The only evil lies in making a truce with them, not struggling against them, thinking that they are part and parcel of our character or our nature.  Making such a truce would lead to spiritual mediocrity.  Our Lord does not want this to happen to those who follow Him.  Jesus loves each one as he is, with his defects.  He loves us the way we are.  He has a positive conception of our abilities!  He understands us always and always encourages us to continue struggling.  If only we could realize Christ's personal love for each person, His care and solicitude for each one!  God loves us.  This is the greatest reality of our lives, the one capable of raising our spirits always, the one that makes us happy in spite of sorrows and contradictions.  Jesus loves us always despite the deep-rooted wretchedness that lies in the human heart.  --- ICWG, Volume 4, pp. 358-9

His love in spite of everything is so incomparable, so unique, so maternally tender and generous, that it will be inscribed forever in the memory of humanity... His love for humanity is very different from the abstract benevolence preached by thinkers and philosophers.  It is not simply doctrine, but life.  The Lord does not settle for merely examining human misery and prescribing a remedy to ease it.  He makes actual contact with that misery.  He cannot bear to know of it without taking it upon Himself.  The love of Jesus surpasses the bounds of His own heart in order to attract others to Himself, or better, in order to go out of Himself, identifying himself with others so as to live and suffer with them. --- K. Adam, Jesus Christ, p. 112

Help me to love You more.  Increase my love! --- St. Escriva, The Forge, #497

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