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Friday, October 18, 2013

Prayer - it's SO important!

"It is not surprising that the devil does everything in his power to get us to lessen the time of our personal dialogue with the Lord or to do it poorly."  ---  St. Jean Vianney, The Cure d'Ars, Homilies on Prayer

Prayer is the foundation of faithful perseverance in the Lords' service.  "A person who does not stop going forward will eventually arrive... There is no greater cause of straying from the path of faithful perseverance than letting up in prayer."  ---  St. Teresa of Avila, Life

We must prepare for prayer carefully beforehand, realizing we are in the presence of the living and glorious Christ!  "Look at that senseless set of reasons the enemy gives you for abandoning prayer.  'I have no time' - when you are constantly wasting it.  'This is not for me.' 'My heart is dry...'  Prayer is not a question of what you say or feel, but of love.  And you love when you try hard to say something to the Lord, even though you might not actually say anything."  --- St. Josemaria Escriva, Furrow

Let us make a resolution never to slacken in our devotion to prayer.  May we always dedicate the best possible time and place to it, in front of the tabernacle as often as we possibly can, trying to not give in to voluntary distractions.  We pray so that we may encounter the living Christ, who is awaiting us, who is our Best Friend.  Many of our difficulties will disappear when we pause to consider that we are in the presence of God.  Prepare by saying something like, "My Lord and My God, I firmly believe that You are here (within the tabernacle and within my soul), that You see me, You hear me, smile upon me and send Your graces upon me.  I adore You with profound reverence.  Help me make my time of prayer with You fruitful!  Mother Mary, St. Joseph, Guardian Angel, pray for me!  Holy Spirit, guide me to know and do God's will with a cheerful heart!"

May God bless you with a terrific day! No matter what happens, try offering it back to Him and thanking Him for it whether or not you enjoy it! ;)

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  1. Most of that was from In Conversation with God, my go-to meditation book of every day!