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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


We must be thoroughly detached from ourselves, from our intellectual talents, our health, our good name, our noble ambitions, our triumphs and our successes.  I would also include ... the high ideals that lead us to seek only to give glory to God and to praise Him.  We can ensure our detachment by tailoring our will to this clear and precise rule:  "Lord, I want this or that only if it pleases You, because, if not, I'm not the slightest bit interested."  By acting in this way we are dealing a mortal blow to the selfishness and vanity that lurk in every consceince.  At the same time we will find true peace of soul through this selfless conduct that leads to an ever more intimate and intense possession of God. --- St. Josemaria Escriva, Friends of God, 114.

In God's eyes a single soul is of greater value than the whole universe and the marvels that God works in the secrecy of our lives are, by far, more extraordinary than all the splendid wonders of the material cosmos. --- M. M. Philipon, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, p. 249.
That is pretty AWESOME if you stop to consider your favorite nature items - the full, harvest moon, the distance stars, the sun that provides life, the seahorse, the giraffe, the spider's web, whatever... and not just that one thing, but ALL of creation - and then to realize that one human soul is greater to God than ALL of that cool stuff!  See, I am Awesome cuz He made me that way!  And YOU are Awesome, too, cuz He made you that way!!!

Happy & Safe Fourth!  God Bless America!!!

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