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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

St. James

Today is the feast of St. James.

"Can you drink My cup?" Jesus asked James and He asks us.  "If we are united to Him, we will respond positively and bear what is humanly disagreeable for His sake.  In union with Christ even our pain and failure are converted into joy and peace.  It helps a great deal for us to see evidence of James' defects and of those other eleven the Lord had chosen.  They were not powerful, or wise or even simple."  (paraphrasing now...)  They were often ambitious, argumentative and lacking faith.  God can work wonders in us.  He also called us.  Do not give in to discouragement at your defects and weaknesses.  Ask Jesus for help; He is ever patient with us.  Also ask Mary's intercession to find the joy and courage to proceed on our way as the Apostle James did. 

Did anyone see The Way?  I have yet to watch it, but I heard it was very good.

On a side note - pray for our newest relation, Benjamin Thomas out in Utah who was born July 23rd! :)  The family is all doing well!

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